Are you planning to study Spanish in Mendoza, Argentina?

My name is Ana Maria Troncoso. I am a certified teacher of Spanish as a second language. I have 15 years experience teaching Spanish to English speakers.

I live in Mendoza, Argentina. Our city has about 1 million inhabitants, and is located in the heart of Argentina's wine district. It's a great place to study Spanish, especially if you have an urge to travel and learn at the same time.

I offer private lessons in Spanish. I can help you with conversation, reading, grammar, pronounciation, local expressions, and other skills.

The advantage of private lessons is that we can integrate learning into your visit to Mendoza. English is not spoken here (except in tourist locations), and many visitors miss interesting parts of our city because they are not confident about their Spanish.

For example, you will certainly want to visit a wine bodega. There are many organized tours to the bodegas, and the English-speaking guides will pick you up by bus and arrange everything for you, including your lunch menu.

If you are my student, we can be less organized. We will prepare for the visit by reviewing 'wine-tasting' vocabulary. With me along, you will be able to navigate to the bodega by bus, rent a bicycle, and shop for Dulce de Leche (there are many different flavors, and you have to try them).

Before each transaction, we'll prepare by practicing a few key phrases. I can step in if you are struggling, but the goal is for YOU to communicate, in Spanish. Afterwards, we will review each transaction. And we will practice Spanish together during the day.

There are many other interesting things to do in Mendoza - take a Tango lesson, visit a Milonga (Tango dance hall), shop at the Mercado Central, visit the museums and churches, cooking lessons. All of them are more fun when you can communicate in Spanish.

And of course, we will also do 'boring' stuff at a desk, like learning to conjugate verbs properly.

I also offer advanced language training for residents, and coaching for international examinations such as DELE.

My basic rate is $22 USD per hour for an individual and $28 USD per hour for couples, which is less than you will pay for group lessons at a language school. I offer discount packages of 10, 20, 30, and 40 hours for both individuals and couples, with substantial savings. I will send you full details of the discount rates and my fee structure on request.

If you use Skype, then one way to see if I am the right teacher for you is to arrange a short conversation by Skype. Be prepared to talk in Spanish with me, I will help you in English if you are stuck. It will be like a real lesson.

You can reach me at


PS: I can also help you find reasonable hotels. Clean, modern apartment-hotels on quiet streets near the city center are available for under $45 a night, but their staff won't speak English. It is safe and inexpensive to take a taxi from the airport. Let me know if I can help you plan your stay in Mendoza.


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Ana recognized that we were learning because we love to travel, not to write an exam or work in Spanish. So our lessons were heavily focused on practical use, social chit-chat, restaurants, taxis, and shopping. But she also understood that we needed to study grammer to understand what we were hearing, and gave us the framework we needed. We were delighted.

Tom+Michelle Berend - Toronto

Besonders gut hat mir die freundschaftliche Art der Vermittlung von Theorie, Praxis und Kultur der spanischen Sprache gefallen. Ana Maria vermittelt mit sehr viel Freude, Geduld und Verstaendnis auf den persoenlichen Bedarf abgestimmt.

Manora Gerber

My name is Rachel Klomp and I took private Spanish classes with Ana when I lived in Mendoza (March-November 2007). Ana is a wonderful teacher! Her classes are conducted professionally and efficiently. At the same time, her style is very relaxed and open so I never felt worried or embarrassed about making mistakes.

The first day of class we sat down together and I let her know exactly what I was hoping to learn, and she was able to cater the classes to my needs with a vast variety of helpful teaching materials. I tried taking Spanish classes at other places in the area, but Ana offered the best price for the best quality.

Another great thing about working with Ana was the scheduling. I had an extremely busy and erratic schedule while I lived there, and Ana accommodated our lessons to meet my needs in that way too.

Rachel Klomp
Ana Maria gave me some of my earliest Spanish lessons. She was always cheerful, patient, and encouraging in her teaching, and she gave us plenty of opportunities to speak in Spanish, which is one of the keys to being able to use what you have learnt outside the classroom. Thoroughly recommended.

Carl Beuke

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